When Exclusivity Is the Answer - Building Safe Spaces 

This talk was recorded at CMX Summit 2022: Thrive

Whether you are building a new space or auditing an existing one, as community builders we have the opportunity to create a safe space. In this talk, Nikki Thibodeau will talk about how to build a safe space, how to pivot one that already exists and talk through a real example from her time leading Shopify's Women's Employee Resource Group. 

In this session, Nikki Thibodeau, Senior Community Strategist at Shopify, helps you uncover what your communication style is and how to improve it. You'll work on your basic negotiation skills and uncover common transferable skills for Community Managers!

This talk was presented to a live, virtual audience at The 2022 Community-Led Summit, a Community Club event. Learn more at https://community.club.