Relationships at Work

In this episode of Relationships at Work, Russel chats with community creation expert Nikki Thibodeau on creating safe spaces at work so we feel comfortable being our true selves.

Nikki shares her thoughts and experience with...

  • Why organizations would need a safe space
  • How intention is necessary
  • The difference between in-person and virtual safe spaces
  • The benefit of creating a safe space to your organization
  • How culture or cultures can get in the way
  • The role of inclusivity and exclusivity in creating safe spaces


The Community Corner with Beth McIntyre

Overcoming the Barriers of Diverse and Inclusive Communities with Nikki Thibodeau

Addressing gender-diverse or racially-diverse groups is tough because it requires having some difficult and, sometimes, awkward workplace conversations. You want the right people to be there, but that also means you sometimes have to exclude the wrong people. It's really important for the success of our communities that we keep those who are not going to be helpful to those conversations out of those conversations. By having that space created at the very beginning - as Shopify does with “Empower Hour”, enables a real conversation to happen in a caring way. If you're not the right person to have the conversation with, step away and find the right person. Create your conversation safeguards and processes that you can refer to when stuck in difficult conversations.

The Go-To: For Entrepreneurs in the Know

EP 4: The Heart of the Sell with Nikki Thibodeau & Keighty Gallagher
Whether your business is already selling online and needs to ramp up to face a challenge or your taking your business online for the first time, we uncover the tools and tricks needed to ensure your products and services get noticed. First, we discuss the e-commerce customer experience with Shopify’s Local Community Manager, Nikki Thibodeau, and discover a few important considerations when selling online. Then, we hear how Keighty Gallagher, Founder of Tight Club Athletics shifted her in-person, workout studio onto an online platform in a way that stayed true to her core values. Selling from the heart is the name of the game this episode, so let’s begin.